Hello, and welcome to my kungfumonkeyslayer blog.

Why Kungfumonkeyslayer? well its inspired by a ross noble (fantastic northern comic talent – hope I’m allowed to say that ) t-shirt that I was given –

“similar but not the same” It read “radioactive kung-fu fridge boy and monkey slayer, Ross Noble”. I thought that Fridge Boy suggested someone who mostly ate out of a fridge and was therefore presumably overweight, and the radio active bit I didn’t posses so I simply went for “KungFu Monkey Slayer” as I often slayed Monkeys using my awesome Kungfu Skills (in my head)! So the name began and this whole thing started

Who am I and whats all this about?

Picture of James Lever
Picture of James Lever

My name is James, I’m 31, married and I live in Brighton and Hove (well Hove actually), I work in IT as well as software development and am responsible for many aspects with the company I work for.

In my spare time I like sleeping, going out, watching films (although am slightly un-inspired at the minute), torturing myself by signing myself up to crazy sporting events and generally existing like everyone else.

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  1. Hi

    Came across you on a random search. Just read you tried Hypoxi…….. was it in Brighton and was it expensive? I’m thinking of trying it!


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