O2 Refresh isn’t that refreshing

Its been a while since I posted. But I’d like to share my recent experience with O2.


I signed up to O2 refresh a year ago, I agreed a 24m contract on the basis that I’m happy with O2’s coverage and utilities, I signed up to O2 Refresh to allow me to replace my phone. Happy days.



12 months later, I’ve exceeded my storage and wishing that I had bought the higher model, but thats okay, I can pay off my phone and replace the phone part with another one. Great, or so I thought..

O2’s sales say the airtime and the data tarrif are now separated, allowing you to upgrade your device whenever you want. What isn’t clear in O2 marketing is that in order to upgrade 1 you have to upgrade the other, which really wasn’t clear when I signed up.

Here are some warnings;

1st up – Device contracts.

The devices are shown as being offered with O% interest, but look out and do the maths, because you’re likely to find out that your paying an excess for your phone.

On a 64gb iphone 6 (as published on 5th Dec 2014), 8gb anytime tarrif.

£0 upfront
£58 a month.

equates to £30/m for the device and £28/m for the airplan = £720 for a phone worth £619

Long gone are the days where the monthly airplan is subsidising the cost of the handset!

Lets look at a couple of other tarrifs;

Well if you want to pay in full, its £729, I have no idea why anyone would do this – oddly its chearper to buy this on pay as you go vs a contract.

Tarrifs of £169 upfront offer, £20 device tarrif = 480 + 169 = 649 (a lot closer to the actual cost).

To Note; The Representative example shown if you click on more, really is an example.

Representative example
Duration of agreement 24 months
Upfront cost £0
Monthly device payment £25
Total Credit amount £600.00
Total amount payable for device £600.00
Interest rate (fixed) 0%
Representative APR 0%
Device cash price £629.99


2nd – Airtime package.

if you want to change your phone, you also have to change the tariff to a current tariff, and this tariff might not worse than your currently on.

In my case to upgrade my phone the same package now costs £6 a month more, so by not upgrading via O2, I’m saving £72 on my remaining contract.

In my case I spent 2 hours in communication with O2. Going round in circles.

I decided to buy an iphone from Apple. Apple offered 12m 0% credit. I’m disappointed that O2 dont want me to remain in contract.

Hope this helps.




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