Sleep or Hibernate a Mac Book Pro


well that time has come when I made the leap from PC to Mac! Obviously I’ve already installed vmware fusion and windows 7, no need to panic. However I miss the hibernate feature of a PC.

Ok, for me I like to know my PC is properly off when I’m moving it and I often do something, hibernate, then grab my notebook and change location. But the mac is different. It sleeps in a semi-low power mode keeping everything in ram, which is fine, but I worry that the hard drive isn’t properly off and my battery is slowly maintaining something which I know I’m not going to need for a couple of hours.

so.. the outcome.

A Mac has many levels of sleep, which can be altered from the terminal by setting

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 0

and toggling between 0 and 3

for those who would like to control this via the system preferences panel, these guys have written an app for that !

and there’s also a widget available here

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