Headsets that work with Polycom 320/321 Phones

Here’s a list of headsets I’ve tried on polycom 320/321 phones.

My remit was to find the cheapest headset that work!

  • Plantronics M120 – bit basic, slightly echoey but works – £5 from amazon!
  • Plantronics M175/A – pretty good, sound quality fine – £ 25.
  • Plantronics Supra H Series Headset and a 2.5mm to quick release adaptor (p/n: 43038-01) – warning: there appears to be 4 different versions of this cable with a 2.5mm jack (p/n: 43038-01 is the right one) – adaptor ranges for £8-£15, headset from £55.

If continual use then i’d recommend the Supra Headset plus the adaptor, but if its for just some use then the M175 is pretty good, but it doesn’t have a quick release so becarefull of walking off with your phone dangling from your neck!

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