don’t you just hate mobile operators compressing images?

ok, I have an unlimited data package on my phone so why must my operator try to minimise the data I receive by compressing my images so they look really poor.

Its all due to the operators trying to reduce the bandwidth and to increase the speed, and I guess they expect people to use a mobile to view images, so you wouldn’t usually notice, but on a PC its very noticable and kinda annoying.

so, the solution; add a firefox plug in called “Modify Headers” which can be downloaded from here then restart firefox. Then click on Tools > Modify Headers.

Select Add from the drop down, then enter Pragma in the first box, and no-cache in the 2nd and click on the add button, then again choose Add, then enter Cache-Control and no-cache and click on add.

Then click on Configuration button, then click on Always On.

Empty your cache and now the images would be just as-if you were or regular broadband.

Another usefull utility is Mobile Wi-Fi Router v1.00 freeware for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. it converts a pocket PC to a mifi router. I have a touch HD 2 and it works brilliantly, allows me to balance my phone by the window to get a pretty good data signal and connect via wifi!

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