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asp Lists

asp lists – List<int s = new List<int>(); s.Add(1); s.Add(22); s.Add(33); customers.DataSource = s; customers.DataBind(); <asp:Repeater id=”customers” runat=”server”> <ItemTemplate> <tr> <td><%#Container.DataItem.ToString()%></td> </tr> </ItemTemplate> </asp:Repeater> source found on http://bytes.com/topic/asp-net/answers/567047-databinding-list-int

The New Sky Team Gets my support

The newly formed Team Sky who have entered into the tour de france definately gets my support, which uk olympic champions it stands a good chance of success http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/gallery/2010/jan/04/team-sky-bradley-wiggins-cycling?picture=357609857 http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Team-Sky-Squeezes-Into-First-Place-In-Tour-Down-Under/Article/201001315527896?f=rss

Random Linq

First time programming in a while and realised that I needed a random row, In SQL (2005 onwards) thats fairly easy; select top 4 * from table order by NewID() […]